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Day 15 – June 8th, 2012

For me, the worst thing about Peru are the “continental breakfasts”. They are basically just crusty bread with a little side of hard butter and jam, and some tea. Sometimes, like in Cusco, you get eggs and ham and puffed cereals too, which are really nice. But generally speaking, it’s not the best way to start your day. Today, I had an even worst “continental breakfast”. I sat down at a table with some friends, where one had just left, and waited for a few minutes to get my portion of bread and tea (and from what I could see one the other people’s plates, egg). The lady never came. When I finally asked her for some food, she ignored me. Eventually, I was able to get one triangular piece of bread out of her with the help of one guy who speaks Spanish, but she refused to give me a slice of cheese (and forget about the egg and juice!). I think she mistook me for this Australian guy with spiky hair and a good 30lbs on me who had just left. Since we are rationed at one slice of cheese at this place, she probably figured I was just a greedy pig who decided to lose 30lbs and a fair bit of hair to get a bit more cheese and bread. I never did end up getting more than one bread. After that disappointing breakfast, we left Arequipa to head to our next hotel an hour from Colca Canyon, where we hopefully will get to see some condors in the morning.

Day 16 – June 9th, 2012

We woke up early to reach Colca Canyon on time to watch some condors in the morning. It was really beautiful. At first, we were skeptical that there actually were any condors, but all at once, 6 condors emerged from the canyon and started majestically gliding around! Some must have soared some 10 or 15 meters from us. It was really exciting. Colca Canyon is apparently twice as deep as the Grand Canyon. Again, I’m constantly surprised by how rugged the Peruvian landscape is. If I was a Spaniard back in the conquering days and I came across this insane canyon, I would have probably would have let whoever lived on the other side of that deep rift keep practicing their heretic traditions. It apparently takes like 4 days to get from one side to another. No way would I have the motivation to that. There weren’t even paths back then! Geez.

A condor and a sunrise

Condors soared above us as a new day began.

Day 17- June 10th, 2012

Today is more of a transportation/waste some time day. We left Colca Canyon at around 10am and returned to Arequipa by 1:30pm. We have another night bus leaving at 9pm, so we’re all just trying to waste time until that departure. We’re also trying to mentally prepare from what has been universally hailed as the worst night’s sleep ever part 2. At least the bus ride back to Arequipa had some pretty rad 80s music playing. Yes, I am getting lousy with the details of this trip, but honestly, it feels like these days we just do a lot of transportation to see a notable sight for a few hours. I guess it’s good in that we’re being quite thorough with our Peru sightseeing. Also, I can’t wait to get home and have a hot shower. It’s been like 3 mornings in a row that we don’t have any. Reminds me of my first few weeks in Montreal when the hot water didn’t work, only without a bucket to pour boiling water from a kettle.

Terraced landscape in Peru

The road may be long, but the view is always beautiful.


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