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Halifax Highlights

I hadn’t seen my friend Mike in about 2 years. He’s my oldest male friend and probably one of the people with whom I’ve spent the most time over the years. We spent about an hour practically every morning and lunch during high school. In fact, most people who meet us think we’re brothers even if we look nothing alike. We’re both about the same height, but he’s way darker and muscular, but just because we have the same mannerisms (even after years apart) people figure we’re related.

I was looking forward to heading to Halifax and meeting up with him again. I got lucky and a friend of mine was heading to Halifax for work, so I was able to hitch a ride with her. I saved like $60. Awesome! I tried calling Mike before leaving the house, but he didn’t answer. No problem. I figured, I’d just call him once I got to Halifax. He knew I was coming over. Oh! I was also banking on being able to call him to get his address, but because I couldn’t get a hold of him, well, let’s just say I was hopping my memory of directions to his place was good. When we got to Halifax, I tried calling him again. Nothing. Wonderful. I somehow managed to give directions to my friend and we got to his place easily. I tried buzzing his room, but there was no answer. I wasn’t surprised by this. His buzzer is rigged to his cellphone.

Someone let me into his building, and I managed to remember where his room was. Amazing. No one was there though. Faced with a difficult situation, I decided to grab all my bags and party in the lobby until Mike inevitably showed up. By party, I mean read a book. “read”‘s a weird word eh? It can be both present tense and past tense, depending on context. So when you just read the previous sentence (or the word three words before this paragraph), your brain probably picked the right pronunciation automatically. I find that incredibly wild.

After about an hour of partying in the lobby, Mike eventually showed up. “Hey man, what’s up?” “Not much, how was the workout?” Bam. Just like that it was like if I never left. I love that about close friends. You don’t really need to catch up or anything. Things are just back to normal instantly.

The week went by very quickly. I basically just sat on his couch and played video games. I also helped him move, which was nice since I helped him move into his old place. But seriously, it was the most sloth week I’ve had in ages.

I also got to meet up with my friend Jessica. That was nice too. She’s my oldest friend  and it must have been like 3 years since I last saw her. Friendship rule!


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